100|OCT Cars and Croissants, August 2015

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While Monterey Car Week is the yearly pinnacle of automotive events in California, there are still plenty of events to keep us enthusiast entertained. One such event is the monthly Cars and Croissants on Santana Row, San Jose put on by our friends 100|OCT.



These events are always a great way to spend a relaxing Saturday morning. Once a month several dozen super car owners and enthusiast meet up on Santana Row to hang out and drink coffee together.

Over the last couple of months Cars and Croissants has taken on a new angle for shops such as ours, allowing us to set up a booth. After Monterey Car Week, we are definitely adept at setting up our booth in an inviting and relaxing layout. We developed a lounge style setup, a form that we found is great for events such as these because people can walk in and relax in a comfy chair, charging their phone if it needs it and hangout.imagejpeg_0


In addition to many supercars and Audi Club of America in attendance, a big part of these Saturday morning car meets is arriving in a caravan with yours friends. For the August Cars and Croissants we started a new shop event: a drive to Cars and Croissants. We brought the PPi Razor GTR and the Super Car Club #Tron8 i8 and invited some of our good friends and clients to drive down to San Jose with us; we found this was a good way to build shop camaraderie as well as just having a fun time with friends! So come to the September Cars and Croissants and make sure to come hang out at our booth!imagejpeg_1-1