#Tron Explained

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#Tron Explained by Henry Wurtz


i8 #1

In the summer of 2015, our good friend Michael (@gcseed on Instagram) brought us his 2016 BMW i8 for a wrap. After lengthy conversations, we knew that Michael wanted the car to be truly special and unique. The BMW i8 was the first of his cars to wear the #Tron emblem in the Bay Area. Not many knows this: Tron style is more than just car trend to Michael, it is something personal that he had envision before his car collection grew to be.

When I had the opportunity to talk to Michael about his #Tron theme and what it meant to him, he told me that

“Tron is more than a game, it is a symbol.

It is a symbol of hard work; of friendship; of achievement; of motivation”.

His #Tron theme reminds him of his childhood, and it fills him with passion, driving him every day to keep being inspired by his friends and family. This too, we can all relate to him well.


To Michael, the #Tron theme prominent on many of his cars isn’t just a design he thinks aesthetically appeal, it is a personal statement and a reminder to keep moving on forward without getting disattached from his roots.

That is why Michael’s #Tron theme was not satiated by the original name given by BMW, rather it is (#Tron8). The vision he has for his dream cars have grown as Michael’s car collection has grown. Each additional exotic cars helps build the theme in its own way.

We are so proud to be his sponsor, and we are committed to help others like Michael realized their car dreams. We are joyful to be able to awaken Michael’s passion. We are also glad to help Michael build his #Tron Legacy (Tron Collection).

Each project is another opportunity for us to geek out over vinyl and let us stretch our creativities. After #Tron8, which made a huge debut at Car Week, Monterey in 2015, Michael brought us his Audi RS7. We wrapped this in a custom one off KPMF vinyl with 3M Red Reflective lines. We nick name the color Nebula, and the car is dubbed as #Tron7.

RS7 #1

The next #Tron project was toward the end of 2015, when Michael had just purchase the McLaren 650S Spyder. Of course we wrapped it in #Tron theme: #Tron6 is perhaps the flagship of Michael’s collection. The color choices were Satin Pearl White, Gold Chrome, and Metallic Black. Many people have mentioned that It’s one of the best looking 650S they’ve seen in the Bay Area.

650S #1

But will #Tron6 be the last? Absolutely not!

Over the next year SS Customs will be applying Michael’s signature #Tron theme to a McLaren 675 ‘Longtail’ Spyder, as well as, the Lamborghini Aventador Roadster SV and one secret project we cannot yet announce. To say we are excited would be the understatement of the century!